Gabriel Valente Ferrão is a motion graphics designer and animator.
He makes pretty things move

           but what moves him lies beyond aesthetics;
He’s a thinker and idealist, who creates with a purpose.

Featured Work


Samsung 837
In-Store Video Wall

Role: Design, Animation, Compositing
Studio: Timber
Client: Samsung of North America
October 2016

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Role: Design
Agency: B-Reel
Client: Facebook
July 2014

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Jump Ahead

Roles: Animation, Compositing
Studio: Blind
Agency: Ayzenberg
June 2015

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Motion Poems
A Sonnet After Chopin’s Requiem

Roles: Design, Animation, Compositing, Jr. Art Direction
Studio: Timber

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Gabriel Valente Ferrão is a San Francisco based motion graphics designer, animator, and junior art director with 5 years of professional experience, and 11 years of academic training in the fine arts.

A proud immigrant, he was brought to the United states from Brazil (Salvador, Bahia) by his mother, at the age of 11. He was soon enrolled in visual arts programs in the Miami Dade public school system, and was eventually accepted into the prestigious New World School of The Arts. 

Through the merit of his portfolio he was granted several generous scholarships, and given the opportunity to attend and graduate from the world-renowned Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, with a Bachelor in Fine Art (BFA) in Illustration.

He has since worked as a freelance creative in Los Angeles’s advertising industry, and is now working for Apple’s Marketing and Communications (Marcom) division,  where he has the privilege of creating with a purpose.



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